The Infernal Aether Box Set: All Four Books in the Series, by Peter Oxley

The Infernal Aether Box Set: All Four Books in the Series, by Peter Oxley

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The Aether always held the universe together… but in the nineteenth century, it just might tear it apart.

London, 1865. A world being torn apart by supernatural terrors.

A drunken adventurer who just wants a quiet life.

A genius whose inventions tend to make bad situations worse.

A terrifying underworld of demons, spirits, golems and clockwork men.

When an exiled demon uses the power of the Aether to create Hell on Earth, Augustus Potts and his friends must face their darkest fears to save everything—and everyone—they hold dear.

Can our unlikely heroes save not only themselves but all of humanity from the evil creatures unleashed by the opening of the Aether?

Peter Oxley’s Infernal Aether Series is a dark gothic fantasy set in Victorian London, described as “fantasy at its best”, “epic” and “no holds barred”.

If you like electrifying action, rich characters and fantastical demonic worlds, then you’ll love the Infernal Aether Series.

For the first time, this volume brings together the novels The Infernal Aether, A Christmas Aether, The Demon Inside and Beyond the Aether into one complete box set. Over 1,000 pages; normally $12+ to purchase. Grab them all today for a fraction of that price!

Pick up your copy of the Infernal Aether Series Complete Box Set now and begin an adventure you will never forget!