The Great Big Demon of Flint Hall, by Peter Oxley

The Great Big Demon of Flint Hall, by Peter Oxley

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"A fast paced thriller-cum-horror-cum-snarky-dark-comedy with two of the most interesting protagonists I’ve ever encountered."

Victorian London's most incompetent crooks - turned demon hunters - are back.

When Tess Marchant gets a plea for help from an old childhood friend, The Great Big Demon Hunting Agency finds itself heading out to the countryside, to solve a mystery involving a Manor House and its wealthy family cursed by a malevolent demon.

Spencer and Bart find themselves in a world totally unfamiliar to them: of landed gentry, fearful poachers, and strange creatures which stalk the land at night. Not to mention unwelcome visitors in the form of the mysterious magician Thaddeus, and the ever-present Inspector Jones, just waiting for them to slip up.

Meanwhile, Tess finds herself struggling with a terrifying face from the past - but can this be the clue which unlocks the mystery of Flint Hall?

The Great Big Demon of Flint Hall is the sequel to The Great Big Demon Hunting Agency, and the second book in the Spencer & Bart series, described by readers as:
"A terrifying, thrilling, almost non-stop journey into magic, privilege, and mystery. Absolutely brilliant."
"A fantastic, fun and demonic treat."
"A fast paced mystery adventure"